Member of the Moscow Union of Artists and the International Confederation

Born in 1956 in Moscow. Received a private education in sculptural workshops Vladikino. Studied at the Moscow sculptors Kalmykova Leonidovna Tamara Mikhailovna Evzykovoy and Lily.

1978 - joined the Youth Association of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Since 1988 is a member of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Participant of Moscow, national and international exhibitions and symposia.

Worked in a group of houses creativity Pereslavl-Zalessky and Dzintary (Latvia).

1994 - personal exhibition was held in the House of Sculpture in Moscow.

1997 - works were presented at the "Exhibition of works by Dutch and Russian cooperative meetings" held in the Pushkin Museum. AS Pushkin.

Regular participant of exhibitions by painters of animals - "Bestiary" annually (since 2000) are satisfied Darwin Museum (Moscow). In 2010 pamphlet "Animalistka", which included an image of 24 sculptures.

In 2008, 2010, 2012 years - exhibition of works in the exhibition "Contemporary sculpture", organized by the Pushkin Museum. AS Pushkin.

In May 2012, she took part in the project "Nomadic Museum of Contemporary Art", timed to coincide with Moscow's "Night of Museums".

Is the author of the bronze sculpture "Philosophical Ship" - the symbol and, at the same time, the main prize of the international festival "Russian Diaspora."

In 2004 in Moscow, Museum. Andrei Sakharov was a monument to the Russian intelligentsia, which suffered during the period of totalitarianism - the sculpture "Pierced Pegasus" (copper, steel), established GA Shilina together with sculptor D. Mitlyanskaya and architect GE Saevich.

2008 - reconstruction of the memorial plaque at Queen Yu Engineering building of the Tretyakov Gallery. Architect - PI Popov-Serebryakov. Together with Peter and Olga Popova-Serebryakovs, participated in the decoration of the interiors of private homes.

Since 2009 he has been working with his son Michael Belyanin. Joint project "NewGeneration" today includes five sculptures.

  2012 - together with the sculptor and architect Elena Munz A. Munz participated in the construction of the monument "Pervostroiteley" on the Yamal Peninsula

Works of GA Shilina stored in the State Tretyakov Gallery and other Russian museums and collections in foreign and domestic collectors.